News & Updates
We are closed for holidays!
We will be back on Thursday January 28th 2021. Happy Christmas and New Year to Everyone!

Please feel free to place your child's name on our waiting list.
Even though you can't visit us in person at the moment!

Our social stories proved a great success!
We mailed out social stories to all children before they returned to preschool after an extended break due to Covid 19

We still aren't having preschool tours...
We will let everyone know when we start having preschool tours again. We know many people are waiting for them to start!

Resource packs will be sent this week!
We have put together resource packs for all of our families with brand new resources that they chose through an online order form!

We're not letting Covid -19 Stop Us!
We have been live streaming our story time and sending replay links for our music movement sessions for three weeks now!

As of January 2020, we are the only early childhood service in Eastwood to have twice been rated as Exceeding the National Quality Standards in all 7 Areas!
In fact, as of May 2020, we are one of only 73 centres from over 5500 centres across NSW to have been rated Exceeding all 7 quality areas twice.

We have been rated EXCEEDING again!
We were assessed and rated in September and have been given a rating of EXCEEDING the National Quality Standard in ALL 7 areas!

Muru Mittigar Visit
We can't wait to learn some dances and songs this week...

Numeracy and Counting Seeds
Early this term some of the children picked some tomatoes from our vegetable garden and were very interested in the seeds inside. This led to counting the seeds and then exploring a range of fruit to predict if the fruit would have one seed or many seeds. 


At St. George's we believe our learning environment is child centred, play based, and inclusive of all families.

Reflective and sustainable practice is embedded in all we do.

We demonstrate our philosophy by:  

Welcoming all children and families to St. George's on an equal basis and making access and participation in our program a positive experience for all.  

Listening carefully to children and developing relationships with adults who are important in children's lives.   

Celebrating and respecting Australia's Indigenous communities, cultural diversity and the use of home languages.  

Ensuring that the Early Years Learning Framework's principles, practices and learning outcomes are our cornerstone.

  Developing links with local schools and community.  

Embedding literacy and numeracy in our everyday practice.  

Presenting the children with a wide range of authentic resources that build on their interests and encourage them to make choices, problem solve and develop independence.  

Building confidence and encouraging positive interactions and collaborative learning.  

Providing children with large blocks of time to allow them to fully engage in meaningful experiences.  

Creating beautiful spaces where precious and interesting resources are used to provoke thinking and encourage curiosity.  

Developing children's small and large muscles and engaging in active play.  

Being highly focused on the children within our care.  

Committing to ongoing learning and reflective practice.  

Fostering children's engagement with nature and natural materials indoors and outdoors every day.  

Encouraging children and families to be part of the process of sustainability through participating in gardening, worm farming, recycling and reducing their use of lunch wrap.  

Raising awareness about Fair Trade with the children and their families and in purchasing Fair Trade resources whenever possible.  

Seeing the preschool's management committee as a productive body that provides guidance and supports educators and staff in the provision of quality, affordable early childhood education.